Rage Against the Machine

Show Information:

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles, CA USA
LA Rising Festival, which featured Rage, Muse, Rise Against, and others. The show started with a brief video of the band's history, and the power cut out during Testify. This would be their last show until the 2021 (hopefully!) shows.


Type: DVD - Audience
Length: 79 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: MiniDV (Unknown source) Master -> DVD
Notes: Not the greatest source for the last concert, but at least we have something! Very shakey
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 85 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: ijwthstd
Lineage: DSM6 -> PACLC -> R-09HR -> Soundforge -> FLAC
Notes: Probably my favorite audio recording from this show of the three known sources.
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 84 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: Rob C.
Lineage: Built-in mics > Edirol R09
Notes: Taper notes: Sound problems during Testify were the bands, with amp cut outs twice. The rest of the show was good so any varying quality in recording is on me and pretty much due to being in the front and bookended by 2 voracious pits. It is what it is. Good Times!!!
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 82 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: Anthony (wewantthecup)
Lineage: Zoom H2 [24/48] > CD Wave > FLAC
Notes: Decent sounding recording, sounds a bit distant. Taper notes: "Recorded front row, midfield (section 7) on Chris's side."
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 83 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: Olympus PCM Recorder / Coresound Mics
Notes: An amazing sounding recording! Thank you Josh for sending this my way. Highly recommend downloading this one!

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