Rage Against the Machine

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Le Zenith
Paris, France
1994 European Festivals
One of two indoor performances of 1994 and the last full known performance of Township Rebellion! This is the longest set of the 1994 run of shows and includes every song they were rotating through. Photo credit Daniel Mielniczek Photography.
Previous show:
1994-06-25 - St. Gallen Festival Zurich, Switzerland
Next show:
1994-06-30 - Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark

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Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 75 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: RM
Lineage: Unknown Aud > DAT (M) > DAT Clone > ?? > WAV > Audacity > FLAC
Notes: Huge huge HUGE thanks to Tex for hooking me up with this one! I've been searching for this show for YEARS and it is great to finally have a copy! This is an incredibly elusive, hard to find tape of Rage playing one of their few (many only?) indoor show of 1994. During this year Rage primarily played festivals and benefit concerts, so it makes this one incredibly special. This is the longest set they played in 1994, clocking in at 12 songs and I think encapsulates every song that they performed that year. I'd love to know what Rage's inspiration was to play the Le Zenith. It seems like this venue must have been a favorite of theirs as they played there each tour prior to their breakup. A few Evil Empire songs were performed this night in their early forms as well as an unreleased song titled "Producer" that has never seen an official release. "Township Rebellion" was also given its last full performance before Rage brought it back in 2010 in its complete form. This is definitely a highlight in their 1994 run of shows and I'm glad a copy is now finally preserved!