Rage Against the Machine

Show Information:

Roseland Ballroom
New York City, NY USA
Evil Empire - North America Leg 1
The first night in a run of five nights at the Roseland Ballroom. Zack speaks before Tire Me and during Zapata's Blood
Previous show:
1996-08-13 - Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA USA
Next show:
1996-08-16 - Roseland Ballroom New York City, NY USA

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Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 76 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Christopher (with help from J. Bruno, and D. Goodman)
Lineage: ATR35S (mono) > D8
Notes: A huge, huge, HUGE thanks to Chris for reaching out to me with this recording! Chris and his three fiends snuck in a DAT recorder into this show as 14 year olds. I thought I was cool at 14, sneaking in a DAT recorder at that age into a Rage Against the Machine show definitely is next level cool. This is actually the same source that we have but the master version of it. Check out the "AW YEAH" during the chanting of "Rage Rage Rage" right before People of the Sun and notice the same glitching during People of the Sun and Bullet in the Head. Here's some notes from Christopher: "So I went with two pals from high school. Two of us had tickets, the third didn't. We got to Roseland and it was a total mele - my friend without a ticket bought a fake one from a scalper, and we chased the scalper down, had to buy another one, etc. I brought in a sony d8 saran wrapped to my inner thigh just next to my junk. Walking normally was tough, but the crowd was slow going in. Security was always super tight at roseland, and especially for these shows. When the first few notes started playing, the entire floor opened up and turned into a massive pit. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. I was so exhausted after the first show, emotionally and otherwise, we didn't even think to go to the other shows, but I had friends that did.".