Rage Against the Machine

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The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA USA
Evil Empire - North America Leg 1
Setlist comes by way of a MTV News Report that calls out Bulls as the opener, Vietnow as the third song, Tire Me, and Freedom as well as a recording by bootlegconfession.com. There were two encores: the first opened up People of the Sun, and the second Roll Right. This is the last known performance of Wind Below and given their touring schedule I doubt that it was played again after this. Zack tells the crowd it's Brad Wilk's 34th birthday after Fistful of Steel, and speaks about the Zapatista movement in Mexico before Wind Below. Apparently Without a Face was dedicated to the United Farm Workers, although it's not on the recording. This show was annouced the day before or a few days before so we're incredibly lucky to have a recording from it!
Previous show:
1996-09-04 - State Events Center San Jose, CA USA
Next show:
1996-09-07 - Plaza of the Nations Vancouver, BC Canada

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Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 61 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: bootlegconfessions.com
Lineage: Unknown Aud > CD-R > AIFF > XAct > FLAC
Notes: Huge huge HUGE thanks to Nicholas over at Bootleg Confessions for sending this over to me! Please visit his site and read his amazing article on this show: bootlegconfessions.com. Nicholas has been chronicling shows in the Bay Area on his site the last few years and it's been amazing to read through them this past year, especially as a Bay Area resident - highly recommend reading through the blog! I can't thank him enough for sending this my way. The recording contains everything from Fistful onwards, and there are some dropouts but all things considered it's a great recording.