Welcome to the unofficial Rage Against the Machine live archive! The goal of this site to archive everything live-Rage related: recordings, setlists, posters, ticket stubs, etc. Live recordings are available to download for many shows - browse through the concerts to see which ones have recordings available!

I'm always on the hunt for recordings I do not have to add to the archive. Please get in touch if you have something not listed here or something that there isn't a link for!

While I do try and share updates on this page, I do quite frequently update shows without adding an update entry. Check back to see if there is anything new - never hurts to dig around. You might find something interesting if you do! I will also start posting updates on Instagram as well on a more frequent basis.

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2021-06-20: Another update!

  • Uploaded an audio recording of their performance on 2000-06-13 in Tel Aviv, which features the "War Is Entertainment" jam before No Shelter.
  • Uploaded an audio recording of their performance on 2000-02-10 Zurcih. Thanks Vladimir!
  • Uploaded an audio recording of their performance on 2000-02-19 Brussel, which features the last pre-reunion performance of Ashes in the Fall.

2021-06-05: Another update!

2021-06-04: A small (but incredible) update!:

  • An audio recording from bootlegconfessions.com is now available from the 1996-09-05 Fillmore show, which features the last known performance of Wind Below. Huge thanks to Nicholas for sharing - please visit his site and read his review of the show!

2021-05-31: Another update:

2021-04-18: A small update and some highlights:

2021-03-28 Just updated the site with a few more recordings. I was very fortunate between the last update and now to receive a TON of recordings from two unbelievably generous individuals. I'm in the process of digitizing and transferring dozens of recordings, so there's great things on the way, but wanted to get some of them out there sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

  • A DVD from their early days at the El Nuevo Monterey on 1992-06-09 is now available to download, and also includes their performance from 1993-10-14 at the Hollywood Palladium.
  • Two audio recordings from their shows down under in 1996 from 1996-01-30 and 1996-02-04 are now available and are highly recommended downloads: many songs of Evil Empire were given their debut at these dates!
  • Uploaded a DVD from their St. Paul stop on 1996-09-15 which includes a rare cover of Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
  • Uploaded an awesome sounding recording of Rage opening for U2 on 1997-04-28
  • Uploaded two great sounding recordings of Rage opening for U2 on 1997-05-09 at the Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Uploaded a somewhat iffy recording of Rage opening for U2 on 1997-05-16 in Clemson, South Carolina.
  • Uploaded another audio recording from the 1999-01-28 Free Mumia Benefit Concert. This one sounds incredible!
  • A rare audio recording from their 1994-07-01 performance at the Eurockeennes Festival is now available.
  • An audio recording from the 1999-11-29 Toronto stop is now available
  • Uploaded an audio recording of Rage at the DNC on 2000-08-14

2021-02-07 Another big batch of updates!

Please see the update archive for past updates.

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