Rage Against the Machine

Show Information:

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury, England
Dee from L7 joined the band during Tire Me, and Maynard during Know Your Enemy


Type: DVD - Audience
Length: 64 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: Unknown Recorder -> VHS (High/Mid Gen) -> DVD
Notes: Shot from the right of the stage. This is one of my favorite recordings because Rage plays such a great set. I have heard the master is in circulation now, would love an upgrade!
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 74 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: Live at the Glastonbury Festival Silver CD -> FLAC
Notes: There's been a couple of releases of this, both on tape and CD. This is the highest quality source I've been able to find.
Type: DVD - Pro Shot
Length: 11 minutes
Complete: No
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: TV Broadcast (Channel 4) -> DVD
Notes: Capture of two songs broadcasted on channel 4. Includes Know Your Enemy and Bullet in the Head

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