Rage Against the Machine

Show Information:

Randall's Island
New York City, NY USA
Rage performed as part of the Rock the Bells Festival, playing Tire Me and Vietnow for the first time since 2000.


Type: DVD - Audience
Length: 77 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: David Dawson
Lineage: JVC GZMG21u -> TMPEGenc DVD Author -> DVD
Notes: A huge thanks to ratm-bootlegs.com for providing a master copy of this source! Previously a single DVD with some issues circulated, this is an upgrade to the common circulating source.
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 73 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: hockey2112
Lineage: Unknown but believed to be CSBs
Notes: I received this in a trade awhile back along with a bunch of other sets that day. Good sounding recording, glad we have an independent audio source for this show!

Memorabilia / Photos: