Rage Against the Machine

Show Information:

Target Center
Minneapolis, MN USA
Show to protest the Republican National Convention. Many concert-goers were arrested after the show, but subsequently let go.


Type: DVD - Audience
Length: ?? minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: Unknown
Notes: I have an AVI of this source - I do not know if a loseless version has ever been shared. Would love an upgrade!
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 79 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: Kingjman
Lineage: WM-61's>Nano Rockbox>FLAC
Notes: Taper notes: "Mainfloor 10-15 feet in front of soundboard, close to center for most of show. Outside the show the police seemed anxious for action. If I said there were alot of police downtown Minneapolis, that would be a misunderstatement."
Type: FLAC - Audience
Length: 93 minutes
Complete: Yes
Taper: crazyafroman
Lineage: AT853 > Deneke ps-2
Notes: Taper notes: "This show took place during the Republican National Convention (RNC). The night before this show, Rage announced a free show outside Minnesota's capital building in St. Paul. I ran over to the show (since they announced it merely an hour or two before it was supposed to happen). Trying to tape this show as well, the entire lawn of the capital building was surrounded by riot police...we were trapped. After seeing Rage behind the stage for nearly an hour, it turns out the police will not let them perform. Regardless, Somewhere a bullhorn makes its way to Zach and they play several songs (lyrics and beat-boxing) over the horn...God it was awesome! Everyone was singing along. After 3 or so songs, Rage led the thousands of fans/protesters to the streets and marched over a mile through downtown St. Paul to the blocked off convention. All the while being bombed with tear gas, seeing some rubber bullets, and soldiers that appeared ready for the apocalypse. Needless to say, there was tremendous amounts of energy built up for the Target Center show. the place was packed, the floor was one huge pit, and the entire arena was surrounded by riot police both before and after the concert. Cheers to all the protestors after the show that got arrested/abused/beaten. This was a great show and I would say the best Rage related show I have seen out of 3 Rage shows across the country and 6 Nightwatchman shows(next to maybe Rage @ Coachella '07). FUCK THE RNC AND ANY FORM OF POLICE STATE!!"

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